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First-class, Client-focused, Personal service model of doing business

PDC achieves better results by managing every step of the process with a unified team approach. From pre-planning through post construction, their highly trained experts are dedicated to the client and the project. PDC believes in evaluating alternative solutions, applying creativity to complex problems and, when necessary, challenging conventional practices in order to provide the best solution for each unique project and client.



Tony Manci, PE – President

Tony Manci is a principal with PDC Consultants and has over 30 years of aviation experience. He oversees the design aspects of the company’s operations as well as financial/accounting operational issues. He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS degree in Civil Engineering and a BS degree in Mining Engineering.


Ron Fitzgerald – Vice President

Ron Fitzgerald is a principal with PDC Consultants and has over 40 years of aviation experience including 30 years of prior experience with the Tennessee Aeronautics Division. His duties include managing construction phase activities as well as managing project formulation and land acquisition. He has managed projects at over 75 airports across Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama.


Mark Paslick – Vice President

Mark Paslick is a principal with PDC Consultants and brings over 30 years of aviation experience. Mark oversees all the aviation planning aspects of the company’s operations as well as managing marketing and business development. He has been actively involved in the planning and construction of seven new airports throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Xavier University.


Areas of focus include Strategic, long-term planning; Integrated project phasing; Personal attention; and Commitment to core values


Strategic, Long-term Planning

Because PDC knows that better planning on the front end means a cost savings on the back end, they developed a strategic planning approach implemented before a project even begins. As a part of this approach, every project receives a thorough examination followed by a consultation and recommendations crafted and presented strategically with consideration of a client’s unique situation and circumstances and within the scope of the client’s overall vision and long-term goals.

Project Integration

PDC fully integrates planning, design and construction experts on each project, giving clients complete perspective on all facets of the project through every phase. PDC consultants work together in the same office, personally overseeing each project from inception to conclusion. This integrated set up allows PDC to move with action and flexibility, with a clear direction on all sides so as challenges are detected they are corrected before becoming issues. This ultimately saves time and money for the client. The PDC system also enables clients to move quickly on projects requiring immediacy without sacrificing value or an organization’s long-term objectives.


Personal Attention

PDC believes in maintaining a continuous client-consultant interaction throughout the development of a project. As a result, clients have access to executive team members who give each project hands-on attention. PDC also coordinates customized on-site construction teams that fit the specific needs of each client and project. From the office to an excavation, PDC is there to keep clients abreast of changes, options and opportunities. Their team of experts goes the extra mile to exceed expectations so clients can be confident their project will receive the most personal attention for their dollar. This personal attentiveness results in objectives met on a client’s terms.

Core Values

PDC is built on trust, loyalty, respect and honesty. These principles are not only the foundation of the company, but they also serve as a compass for the way PDC does business. Putting a client’s best interest at heart is the best and only way to do business. While integrity and values are key to any partnership, PDC still believes trust is earned through performance. And PDC is proud to earn a client’s trust by executing plans with flawless precision through every step of planning, design and construction.


About us

With more than seven decades of collective practice in the business of planning, designing and construction, PDC is one of the most experienced consulting firms in the industry.